Working drawing

"I looked at the MkIII rudder and it didn't seem to fit the MkI hull right, so I used the measurements for the MkIII posted on the website but made the rudder look like a MkI.

"Basically I narrowed it and made it longer so it still gives me about the same area in the water. For anybody who reads this, by the way, I put too much of the rudder ahead of the post. I was trying to have it match the hull. I will have to wait till the spring to see if this has any adverse effects, such as oversteering.

"On the plus side, when in reverse the longer, narrower rudder should have less tendency to rip the tiller out of my hands. When going up wind I may not need two hands on the tiller to stop it from rounding up."

[This is a picture of the drawing. It is also available as an Acrobat .pdf. Since this was written, Ralph has reduced the amount of rudder ahead of the post – see Installed 2.]

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