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President Larry Bayer
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON
(905) 687-0935 (General inquiries)

Membership Secretary Jim Wente,
4 Storey Cr.,
Toronto, ON
M9B 3C8

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Note: These contacts are only for membership inquiries. Questions about your boat will not be answered. See Other Questions, below and About Our Forum, which tells you about the place where they may already be answered.

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Answers to many technical and performance questions can be found in Overview, Evolution and Black Arts. Address questions about your boat, the wonderful world of C&C 27's and the meaning of life, etc., to the Forum.

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Got a fleet of 27's at your club? We're happy to . Commercial links will appear at our discretion (basically you'll have to offer something that's specific to 27's or C&C's or hard to find). We do not do link exchanges.

General Interest

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Much of our information will be in Adobe Acrobat format. Here's the latest Acrobat Reader.

Ashbridges Bay Yacht Club

Home club for a good fleet of 27's, with an active Buy-&-Sell page used by many C&C owners.

Britannia Yacht Club

Eighteen 27's, of various marks, call this long-established club their home. Britannia races in concert with several other Ottawa River clubs.

Etobicoke Yacht Club

A west-Toronto club with a 27 level-racing program.

ISAF – International Sailing Federation

The international governing body. Much general-interest material, including definitions of the measurement abbreviations and the complete Racing Rules.

Nepean Sailing Club

A veritable 27 heaven, with 30 C&C 27's (two Mark I's, four Mark II's, fifteen Mark III's, five Mark IV's and four Mark V's). The three clubs on this stretch of the Ottawa River can muster 45 27's and interclub racing brings a regular turnout of a dozen boats.

Royal Canadian Yacht Club

Six to nine 27's with their own level racing start, with added adrenalin provided by predatory Toronto Island Ferries.

Trapper Yachts

In Britain, a variant 27 was built by Trapper Yachts. Photos, diagrams and a link to an Antiguan Trapper that flew. Trappers had quarterberths instead of our icebox.

Trapper 500

A site specific to the Trapper 500, which is an evolved 27. The site adds a bit of detail on an Austrian firm that built 27's, including this one.

Engine maintenance and repair

Atomic 4 Service Manual

A very good, concise guide to all aspects of regular maintenance of an Atomic 4.

Indigo Electronics

Manufacturers/sellers of a variety of Atomic 4 upgrades such as electronic ignitions, oil filtration kits, etc.

Moyer Marine

Source for a very comprehensive Atomic 4 manual. Highly recommended, particularly if you are contemplating a major overhaul. Also rebuild service, upgrade kits, parts and an online FAQ with hundreds of troubleshooting tips. MMI's Forum addresses a broad spectrum of maintenance and repair topics.

Hatches (see also Windows in Black Arts)

Read this before contacting suppliers: The companies listed in this section are highly skilled at what they do, but some are not highly Web- or e-mail-oriented. If you don't get a response in a few days, don't give up – phone them.

Atkins & Hoyle

Manufacturer/repairer of the Mk III/Mk IV alloy hatch.

Hammerhead Nautical

Long-term Atkins & Hoyle repair specialist, now repairs hatches from various manufacturers.

Ontario Plastic Fabricators

Production and custom fabricators/suppliers of hatch and window material, water and waste tanks, piping, etc. Boat-friendly.

Plastic World

Boat-friendly source of sheet and other plastics plus epoxies, etc. Shapes plastics from your damaged piece, template or specs, usually with fast turnaround.

Select Plastics

Hatch repair specialist in Connecticut.

Parts and service


Klacko Spars

Formerly a principal supplier of metal parts to C&C (they operated inside the C&C Custom shop). Source for parts (particularly castings, mast parts, etc.). See note on contacting suppliers above – phone them at 905.825.0015 or see fax number on their web site.

Noah's Marine Supply

Canadian & US source for a broad selection of marine-grade lumber, epoxies, finishing materials and wood parts (pre-fab & to order).



South Shore Yachts

Source for service and some parts (particularly castings and replacement rubber gaskets for old-style windows). Well regarded but somewhat e-mail-challenged. See note on contacting suppliers above – phone 905-468-4340 or see fax number on their web site – they return messages promptly.



Marine Cradle Shop

Manufacturers of cradles and trailers for 27's. High quality, reasonable prices.

Phil's Foils

Specialty daggerboard/rudder maker in Ottawa, ON who uses CNC equipment to shape new foils for dinghies and keelboats. Has plans for Mk III and Mk V rudders.

Mk I