Towser's tracks

Towser races only white-sail with a furler, so tracks were laid so the genoa can be flown full or rolled according to need and point of sail, without any change other than moving the car. The cars are controlled by a 3:1 purchase and this is manageable in all winds.

Several have asked about this system. The components, all Harken, are:

H249 Small boat genoa lead car
H348 29mm Carbo fixed block
H2742 SB CB double end control
H357 365 cam with fairlead
H233 Micro cheek
H2720.2.5M   SB track 2.5 meters
H263 Heavy duty end stops

The 29mm Carbo block mounts on the forward end of the genoa car. The control line dead-ends to that (tied through the centre of the Carbo block). The control line goes forward to the track end control sheave, back to the Carbo block, forward again to a track end control sheave, then back to the cam cleat. The micro cheek handles the shock cord retractor, which is tied off at the forward end of the track.

Since the photo was taken, the system has been modified. The system shown here is correct for a wheel-steered boat but Towser is tiller-steered, so the jib trimmer works aft of the helm and main trimmer. The car-control line now runs to a block with integral cam cleat (H141 Big Bullet with carbo-cam) mounted on the toerail, aft of the winch, where it is more easily reached by the jib trimmer.

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