morgan d starting.jpg

Morgan "D"

Mark III, Hull 516
Dartmouth Yacht Club, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia [Map]

Purchased late in the 2005 season.
Dean, Joanne, Spencer and Samantha Baldwin, Sackville, Nova Scotia

"Morgan "D" had a successful racing season in '08. We cruised several times to Mahone Bay, NS, staying weeks at a time and are in the process of moving her to Baddeck, NS. Work and upgrades continue – new sails, new bottom and replaced the forestay and backstay, with the shrouds to be changed next spring.

"Morgan "D" is a family name created by my parents for their first boat, a red 27 as well. They had five C&C 's on Lake Erie during the '70's and 80's and since they no longer sail, they had the official ceremony and offered us the name and we jumped at it. So, Morgan "D" is back at number one but on the ocean this time."

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