Stuffing box

A stuffing box like this one removed from a C&C 27 consists of three distinct elements; two are shown here. At right is the bronze packing gland, including the body, lock-nut and compression nut. To this, a clamp secures a short length of 1 3/4" (inside diameter) wire-wound hose. The left end of the hose clamps to a fibreglass tube that is bonded into the hull.

The short length of hose permits the packing gland to move and correct minor mis-alignment with the prop shaft, reducing friction and wear. As found, the hose was double-clamped to the fibreglass tube but single-clamped to the packing gland, as there isn't room for a second clamp.

The hose pictured here is probably exhaust hose that replaced the original stuffing box hose, as this hose is wire-wound. Stuffing box hose is thicker than exhaust hose and is not wire-wound.

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